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Volunteer Info

Interested in being a Volunteer?  Check out these great benefits! Sign in to your account to sign up for a spot!

Consignors who choose to work shifts: Enjoy these benefits…

  1. Shop before the consignor’s private sale! Each shift as a point value.  Your total points is what time you get in.
    • 4 Points - Shop at 3:00 pm 
    • 3 Points - Shop at 3:30 pm 
    • 2 Points - Shop at 4:00 pm 
    • 1 Point - Shop at 4:30 pm
  2. You will have NO admin fee ($20) deducted for working just 1 shift!
  3. Sign up for a total of 4 Points in shifts for 80% of your sales!
  4. For EVERY shift you complete, your name will be placed in a drawing. THE WINNER will receive 100% of the selling price from each item you sell this season! INCREDIBLE!!!
  5. Sign-up to work the Saturday afternoon break down and it counts for 4 Points!  Also, at the end of breakdown on Saturday, you can leave with your remaining items and your check so no need to come back on Sunday!

New Fall 2020: In order to volunteer you must be a consignor.  Due to issues in the past, if you sign up to volunteer and do not show up for your volunteer shift, you will be charged $50 from your consignor check.