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How it works

Step 1: Register on our site and get your consigner number

Step 2: Use the tagging options on your account to print your tags.  This is necessary to print the barcode on your tag which will be used at checkout.  As items are scaned they will get credited to your account.

Step 3: Bring your items to drop off.

Step 4: Shop at the Pre-sale!

Step 5: Finish by Picking up or Donating your unsold items on the final day and collecting your check!


Tagging tips:

  • Place clothing on hangers with the hook turned left
  • Pants, shorts & skirts should be secured on hangers using safety pins
  • Please give every item the TUGG test.
    [Tested and (U won't fall to the Ground) Garment].
  • If it comes off the hanger, add more safety pins! Items do not sell if they have fallen under the racks or if they loose their tag. When in doubt use more PINS.
  • 2 piece outfits: first, pin the bottoms to the hanger and place the shirt or jacket over top. (Pin both pieces to ensure the outfit stays together)
  • Make sure clothing is clean and pressed if necessary.
  • Please use junior hangers on 0-18 month clothing.
  • Place your tag on the upper right side of the garment, attaching the card with a safety pin thru the top of the card.


  • Shoes must be appropriate to the season
  • Infant and toddler shoes must be placed in zip-loc bags with tag placed inside bag.
  • For larger size shoes: tie laces together and place a safety pin thru them to secure tightly. On shoes without laces use the appropriate size zip-loc to keep them together. Another option is to use zip ties to hold shoes together. Our goal is to keep matching pairs together. Please use your best judgment to help make this possible.