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Houston County Farm Center
1701 E Cottonwood Rd.
Dothan, Alabama
(On the South side of Ross Clark Circle)


What percentage do I make? TOP

You will receive 70% of the selling price from each item sold.  There is also a $15 administrative and advertising fee deducted from each check. 

Want to earn more?  Check out the advantages of being a volunteer!

What type of items to you accept? TOP

We accept only boutique and trunk show clothing, shoes and accessories.  All items must be in excellent condition and in current style.  Please do not bring anything that is torn, stained or with missing pieces. All items will go through a quality screening process.

Where do I get hangers? TOP

  • Dry cleaners often recycle hangers
  • Wal-mart, Target, Kmart and Dollar stores sell inexpensive hangers

Do I get my hangers back after the sale? TOP

  • We sell items along with their hanger. You buy an item… you get a hanger!
  • You do receive your hangers back on unsold items.

Can I use my tags and consigner number from another sale? TOP

Our consignor numbers and tags are specific to our sale. The only way we can give you credit for your item is by using our index card tagging method.

How do I price my items? TOP

  • A general rule for pricing your items is to figure 30-40% of what you originally paid. The condition of the item will raise or lower this figure.
  • Ask yourself “What is the most I would pay for this item?”

What payments are accepted at the sale? TOP

  • Cash, check, credit and debit cards will be accepted at the sale. 
  • Valid ID will be required with all check purchases. 
  • Returned checks will be charged a $30 fee. 

When will I receive my check? TOP

  • You will receive your check when you pick-up your unsold items.
  • ANYONE not planning to come back on Pick-Up or Donate Day MUST provide a self-addressed STAMPED envelope. Your check will be mailed to you following the event.

Are children allowed? TOP

The only time that children are not allowed is for the Volunteer and Consigner Presale.